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Channel catfish
Channel catfish – fish family ictaluridae squad catfishes. The original range of this species included Northern Mexico, Central USA and South Canada, however later channel catfish were brought to Europe.…

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How to cook sea fish

Everyone knows that fish is valuable for the male body the product. And what is its normal man needs at least a couple times a week. And preferably sea, the value of which to the reproductive organs stronger sex cannot be overstated.

The main thing that distinguishes marine fish from freshwater is a higher content of complete protein. The number comes to 26%, and the river is barely 20%. As in the meat protein, the protein in marine fish have all the amino acids needed by the body. But the fish protein to digest much faster.

The fish boasts large reserves of fat. But one that is unique. It contains much needed fatty acids that enter cell membranes and brain cells. In the fat of marine life such as sea eel, tuna and cod contains a record for products doses of vitamins A and D.

Also marine fish is rich in almost all vitamins of group In: 1 . 2 . 6 . 12 and PP. In small quantities, but there is still vitamin C.

In marine fish also contains phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, potassium, sodium and sulfur. And iron zinc bromine, copper, fluorine and manganese. In the river these minerals is less, and iodine and bromine and does not.

Prepare according to the rules

Very important: the marine fish osnovatelei not like river. Here are some rules which you will be able to feed yourself is really a helpful product that will save all the nutrients:

Sea fish you can’t cook and simmer. It not only becomes unpalatable, but loses most of its precious vitamins.

If you really unpleasant smell of iodine sea fish, a great way to get rid of it is the batter. The so-called mixture of flour and eggs, which need to dip the fish before frying. So does the soaking in milk or water with a dash of lemon juice.

Don’t have the head marine fish – it accumulates all the harmful substances that people so generously supplies all seas and oceans.

Thawed fish from the sea need only in cold water (not hot or in the microwave). Otherwise it will become tasteless and lose form.

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