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Predatory fish

The angler should remember that all predatory fish weighing more than 2 kg, in addition to acute, and sometimes impressive in size, fangs and spiny top fin (perch), stacked, bent inwards the torso of the teeth (pike) and razor-sharp notches along the perimeter of the Gill covers (perch), and has a number of additional spines and spines on the Gill covers, Gill flesh (organs of breathing) and torso adjacent to the head. Therefore, large specimens of the predator is desirable to take in hands in cotton gloves with elements of protection from the teeth and spines in the form of plastic protrusions (tubercles).

Predatory fish up to 2 kg keep well as fish of the carp family, in addition when pressing on the capture of the orbit (Fig. 1 ). And yet, large predatory fish put on Kukan (pierce the bottom jaw pin cook) when the latter is in the net at the boat.

Very large specimens which are impossible to get into the boat, pressed the muzzle and belly to the side of the boat or brought to shallow water, after which put on Kukan. If the angler sees that supplied to the side of the boat the fish is exhausted after a long resistance and temporarily shows no signs of aggression (storing power for further struggle), the skillful angler is able to slowly put the fish to cook and bind it to Board the boat.In this case, the recovered fish will never break free.

Fig. 1.

Hold the fish:

and – small and medium pike;

b – pike over the eye;

in – tench, bream, gesture;

Mr. Bursch, perch, Zander. it is necessary to clasp a head, gradually shifting the hand to the tail. The gills and the dorsal fin is pressed against the body;

d – Eel and burbot using a cotton cloth or newspaper.

The puncture pin cook the lower jaw of a pike perch or a pike, as a rule, is usually late reaction. If Kukan durable, it is possible to break away from it the fish are not in condition, since the contour of her jaw bones are powerful, which is impossible to break through.

Attention! Almost all predatory fish in the capture of victims for a quick kill in its mouth emits toxic substances. So the contact with the fangs of a pike perch or a pike teeth are extremely painful, and sometimes dangerous to human life. Even a minor scratch from fish teeth must be treated urgently and disen-fitiavana.

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