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Sharks in the Black sea — myths and reality

This question bothers many tourists are there sharks in the Black sea?

Yes, sharks live in the Black sea. Scared? Don’t worry, they are safe for humans and do not show us any interest. Most often occurs in the Black sea shark Katran, as well as Cat. The second one actually lives in nearby seas, but can swim into the Black by mistake.

Sharks of the Black sea — description

Katran refers to a type of small prickly sharks. She has a long, streamlined body shape, which for fish of this species is fairly standard. Teeth unimodal, it is the same at both the top and bottom.

Adult fish weighs up to twelve kilograms, and the duration of the life of this black sea sharks is 25 years. Sharks live in packs, although they live in coastal waters, but prefer to live at the bottom. They can be found at a depth of about 200 meters. Spiny dogfish eats fish. No threat to human swimmers, the shark is not. By the way, the meat of this shark is very tasty. Especially prized fins.

Why dangerous to humans sharks do not live in the Black sea

In order to live comfortably, most species of sharks are dangerous to humans, need good food supply. Black sea simply cannot provide such a basis. The black sea fauna for them is scarce, because that has a very thin layer, suitable for marine life. A large shark will not be able to find enough food in the Black sea.

Yes and in the seas more dangerous predators are not sitting on one place. To feed, they must constantly move and look for food. Besides, even if some shark and wander the large seas in Black, in the winter she dies because of low water temperature.

In General, the appearance of shark species that are dangerous to humans, in the Black sea is unlikely. Scientists say that the much larger the probability of occurrence of blue whales. For a little less than a hundred years of sightings of blue whales recorded only two.

Who is the most dangerous in the Black sea

But do not completely relax. Dangerous for human inhabitants of the sea depths in the Black sea yet available. For example, some types of poisonous jellyfish. A poisonous bite will not be lethal but it can be very painful. Dangerous spines of sea urchins, poisonous sea dragon fan.

One good thing, in the resort areas to meet such dangerous people is very difficult.

For swimming it is the Black sea is considered to be quite safe and quiet. This is one good reason why the resorts of Krasnodar region is so popular for families with children.

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