Predatory fish
The angler should remember that all predatory fish weighing more than 2 kg, in addition to acute, and sometimes impressive in size, fangs and spiny top fin (perch), stacked, bent…

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Can I eat fish?
Both children and adults it is known that fish products should be included in the diet. You cannot refute the fact that eating fish brings to the human body of…

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Shells in the aquarium
Shells in the aquarium cannot be considered a suitable decoration, as they are almost 100% composed of calcium carbonate (like chalk or limestone), the presence of which in the aquarium…

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The biggest, toothy predatory fish

The biggest predatory fish in the world firmly entrenched in the great white shark — one of the largest and most aggressive of the ocean and marine predators. The sides and back of the toothy fish are gray, brown or black, the belly white sharks.

The biggest predatory fish grows to 5-6 m in length, “nagoeva” 600 — 3200 kg weight. Although across the fish length at 11 metres, and there might be bigger ones. The smaller instances (up to 4 m) are juveniles which have not yet reached sexual maturity.

Interestingly, in prehistoric times, this is the most predatory fish in the world has reached thirty meters long.

In the jaws of a giant freely settled least 8 people, and the monster lived to the present day — nothing good to humanity would come.

Great white shark avoids the company of relatives, preferring to hunt alone. It occurs in almost all regions of the ocean, as far away from the shore and next to him. Holding the toothy fish mostly at the surface, although it is easy and can drop to great depths, where great feels.

Live fish predators in areas with warm waters, although do not avoid and temperate latitudes. The female shark feeds, typically two cubs, the rest of the offspring mercilessly eats.

The largest predatory fish has a wide and very large (length 5 cm) triangular teeth with jagged edge. Powerful jaw of the fish allows it to bite a cartilage and bones of the victims without apparent effort. If caught in these jaws of the victim has practically no chances.

Teeth the shark has several rows, and if the damage is “working tool” of first row, place of damaged teeth is new from the second.

The most predatory fish in the world attacks without delay

The great white shark can swallow a victim in just a few seconds. “Menu” is the largest predatory fish is not too demanding until the cannibalism. In her stomach were not digested carcasses found up to 2 meters.

Bigger prey is the most predatory fish in the world is blown to pieces. But the great white shark is not above using small animals. This fish (tuna, sea bass, mackerel), sea turtles, sea otters, seals, seals, as well as garbage and carrion

The most predatory fish in the world are dangerous to humans. Annually recorded cases of white shark attacks, both on humans and on in the water boats.

Meeting with the predator alone is almost certain death, to be saved is very few.

The Kaluga (Huso dauricus)
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