Fish-pineapple or Australian kishechnik (Cleidopus gloriamaris)
Australian kishechnik has in common several names, and all of them are connected with the appearance of this marine life. The English call it fish-pineapple because of coloring and body…

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The most useful fish
Fish – this is the rare product that contains a huge amount of essential substances. It almost has no cholesterol, but contain vitamins and amino acids, so the one who…

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The task of pond farms
The task of pond farms is having to establish their own broodstock herbivorous fish (grass carp and silver carps), which will allow fish farmers to get in the feeding ponds…

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The world of fish

The oldest living fish — latimeria

Coelacanth, or latimeria, is the only representative of the lobe-finned fishes. She was believed to have become extinct about 70 million years ago.

The project “coelacanth”

Latimeria: three-dimensional computer model

The largest fish — whale and basking sharks

Sharks are extremely diverse. There are sharks, the dwarf, slightly longer than the pencil. They weigh about 200g And there are sharks-the giants — they are the largest among all the fishes living on the Earth.

The largest freshwater fish of the new world — arapaima

Family arapinovich one, but very impressive view of giant Mirakuru, Peitsch, or arapaima (Arapaima gigas), living in the mainstream of the Amazon and in the basins of the rivers of Guiana.

In the old world, too, there are fish-giants

The most dangerous freshwater fish is the piranha

These fish have long had a bad reputation. They are thirsty for blood, their appetite is insatiable; a flock of piranhas ready to nibble, a whole carcass of the pig or sheep, deftly tearing off meat from bones.

The truth in the middle

The smallest fish photocorynus spiniceps

In recent years, two groups of ichthyologists Australian and American and British — independently from each other announced they have found the smallest fish in the world.

Other contenders

Most of glubokovodnye — abyssobrotula and pseudoliparis

Today in deep-sea trenches found only 7 species of fish: three types osebnih and four species of sea saliva.

Side lights

The most famous of deep-sea fish — the angler

Crawling adelphoe

Telescopic eyes

Blind deep-sea fish

Fish that can’t swim

Fishing rods there is only the females

When the male is ten times smaller than female and merges with it

The ability to self-replication

The spawning of deep-sea fish

Hunting by means of a vacuum


The terrible teeth of the underwater world

Monkfish swallowing whole

As mitten, stretched to the prey

New discoveries of deep-sea fish

Deep-sea Chimaera

When lifting deep-sea fish

The most powerful discharge — the electric eel

The family contains only one genus with a single species is the electric eel (Electrophorus electricus).

The largest gastropod molluscs — giant tridacna The oldest living fish — latimeria

Predatory fish
The angler should remember that all predatory fish weighing more than 2 kg, in addition to acute, and sometimes impressive in size, fangs and spiny top fin (perch), stacked, bent…


Tiger shark
Deep in the wilds of the deep sea is a hungry predator, the outfit is rather unremarkable, waiting for a new victim. It may be a turtle, sea gull unwary…