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Compatible fish in the freshwater aquarium

Before you start different kinds of fish in one aquarium, make sure that these fish can peacefully co-exist together, if you want your aquarium to look beautiful and was in perfect order. This article will tell you about the compatibility of the fish .

Freshwater aquarium fish are easy to care for, they can easily live in a small 5-liter tank and I like to swim in a 100 litre. You can place them in a glass or acrylic aquarium to use different substrates for soil and decorate with pieces of rock, live or plastic plants, as well as fashionable plastic aquarium toys. The aquarium can be illuminated by the lamp and water filter. You can even place a heater to maintain a comfortable water temperature for your fish and to use ordinary tap water as a habitat.

Choosing from many species of freshwater aquarium fish, keep in mind some factors. You have to choose from fish of the same size; large fish attack small, and small eat the fins of large fish. In addition, they should not compete and fight for food – this will lead to starvation and death for the weakest. You have to choose the right fish for your aquarium that will exist peacefully alongside each other.

The basics of compatibility

Freshwater fish are divided into 3 categories depending on the behavior.

Public fish

They are peaceful and carefree. They don’t get into fights and are compatible with all the other fish. You can feel free to combine different types of fish from this category in your aquarium.

Proigressive fish

These fish are some excitable and would not want to pinch or bite other fish. They tend to be peaceful when they are small, as sprouting increases their aggression, turning them into real criminals. These fish will chase and bother all the inhabitants of the aquarium. They are good for community aquariums, but don’t forget to watch for them when they grow up.

Aggressive fish

These fish can be called fighters. They love to attack small fish and are not compatible with other species of fish. They can only live side by side with the same aggressive and equal-sized fish. In addition, they have a habit to bully the weak, chasing them around the aquarium.

Freshwater fish are very sensitive and delicate creatures. Any stress can lead to their death.

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