Predatory fish
The angler should remember that all predatory fish weighing more than 2 kg, in addition to acute, and sometimes impressive in size, fangs and spiny top fin (perch), stacked, bent…

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Blue (blue) Marlin.
The habitat of the Blue Marlin - tropical waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific and in the Indian ocean in the vicinity of Ceylon, Mauritius and the East coast…

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Fish-drop (Psychrolutes marcidus)
Fish-drop – not the most beautiful creature in the ocean. First sight very few people will say that this shapeless lump is fish because it has no usual scales, and…

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Mississippi giant alligator Gar (finding of the Gar atractosteus spatula)

Mississippi giant alligator Gar is one of seven living representatives of the family pancernych who are descendants of the primitive bony fish from the Mesozoic. Practically unchanged, this fish lives for about 100 million years, surviving dinosaurs and several ice ages.

Its name this predator was due to the striking visual similarity of the structure of the head and body with alligators, and sometimes even the locals can’t distinguish one water from another.

At the present time Mississippi fish-alligator, in addition to the Mississippi, can be found in rivers on the territory of the United States and Mexico, which are adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico. Previously, its range was much wider, and included even the rivers of Africa and Asia. Live in the salted and fresh waters of large lakes and rivers with slow current. In salt water is extremely rare.Huge Mississippi pancerniki

Giant alligator Gar is the largest freshwater fish of North America, growing in length up to 3 meters and weighing nearly 140 kg. It certainly does not compare with the sizes of Beluga or Kaluga, but too much. The snout of the fish is rather short, but broad, thin-lined and sharp teeth. Eyes are small, but despite this giant alligator Gar sees good in muddy water. Fish alligator in vodenitsata body is completely enclosed in bony, diamond-shaped scales. Body color varies from grayish-green to brown on back and sides, the belly is also yellowish or white. The tail looks like a big paddle, the dorsal fin is far back shifted.

The amazing feature of Mississippian fishes of the alligator is its ability to use the swim bladder as a lung. He is associated with the esophagus and penetrated by blood vessels, which allows the fish to breathe atmospheric air. This feature is a relic of the past, thus being able to breathe many prehistoric species of fish.Teeth fish-alligator thin and sharp

What is the process of mating in this species is unknown. But it is known that females lay eggs dark green or red, sticking it to the stones and vegetation during the period from may to July. This parental care for the offspring ends. But wishing to encroach on spawn a bit, as it is poisonous.

After 6-8 days from the eggs the larvae hatch, which rise to the surface of the water and there are food. Grow fish-alligators slowly – the females reach sexual maturity at the age of 11 years, males at the age of 6 years. The lifespan in nature is between 26 to 50 years.Mississippi pancernik – coveted trophy of any fisherman

As to food, fish-the alligator almost like to swallow. She eats fish, birds, turtles, small mammals, carrion, and any other living creatures. Being somewhat clumsy, to catch prey, it uses the ambush, a fast throw where you grab the loot.

On the very same predator because of its size decides to attack except that the largest local predator – crocodile Mississippi, for fishermen it is considered a desirable trophy.

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