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The most unusual inhabitants of the ocean
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Aquarium fish: how to breed?

An aquarium with fish is always very beautiful and soothing sight. Such a small piece of the natural world the people today want to have both at home and in offices. About the benefits of the aquarium we can talk a lot. We are interested in today, is it feasible will be breeding aquarium fish for sale at home. To operate this business will be in big cities. Despite people’s love of aquarium fish, greater competition in the market.

The process of breeding is not very difficult, but requires attention and patience. Many people do it for additional income . Being an aquarist means to be a truly passionate person. Experience shows that only enthusiasts can achieve success. Have to learn the way of life of these creatures, to be able to maintain the desired water temperature, its stiffness, light mode. Any fluctuations in these parameters can lead to the death of fish.

How to start a business at home?

The key to sales success in the market of aquarium fishes is a clear fad. Yes, today there is such a tendency. New rare varieties sell very expensive, and some are willing to give a gift. Except for fish in aquariums are well adapted shrimp, newts, snails. They are also in demand. The priority may vary depending on the region. In the capital, for example, catfish-Zebra offer for $ 300. In small gorodokskaya prestigious to have in the aquarium, Cockerel cornerpost. Of the most popular varieties there are som cuckoos and calidou. Popular bottom species.

Home aquariums are usually small in size. The inhabitants are also characterized by small size and simplicity. This, for example, dwarf corydoras, a family of barbs, blue neon. The last type is a classic aquarium. Before starting to engage in breeding aquarium fishes need to consult with the sellers of pet stores about what their views are most in demand.

Features of this direction

The specificity of this business is that one fish can cost a dollar, maybe a hundred. It depends on the type. Still the price depends on the age of young animals. Very small specimens are not more than a dollar, and the adult individual of the same kind costs a few dollars.

To start to breed fish in three aquaria, with a volume of 400 liters. The maintenance costs are usually set for a cubic decimeter. In addition you will need to purchase:

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