Tiger shark
Deep in the wilds of the deep sea is a hungry predator, the outfit is rather unremarkable, waiting for a new victim. It may be a turtle, sea gull unwary…

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Mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus)
Huge four meter shark is rapidly cuts the surface of the ocean, no other shark can match her in speed. Accelerates to 40 km /h and easily jumps out of…

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How to get rid of mosquitoes in garden pond
Know that mosquitoes love water. Most of all they love standing water, which turns into the swamp water where there is sufficient organic matter for the growth of their offspring.…

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Freshwater, Tropical and Marine aquariums

This article describes the main types of aquariums and provides brief explanations of differences between freshwater and marine systems that will allow you to choose the most appropriate budget and skills of the aquarium.

Freshwater aquariums

As the name implies, freshwater aquarium – fresh water, as in most rivers and lakes in the world. Coldwater and tropical aquariums – two most frequently purchased in the UK species of freshwater aquariums.

Cold-water aquarium

As a rule, in cold-water aquarium heater is not necessary. The water temperature in the tank will be close to ambient. If the temperature in the room changes frequently, you will need a heater to compensate for temperature changes. To cold-water fish are cardinals, and various types of goldfish. Often cold-water aquariums are recommended for beginners and aquarists with a small budget, but it should be noted that goldfish need an aquarium considerably larger than for tropical species.

Tropical aquarium

For tropical aquarium need a heater to maintain the water temperature at the level required for tropical fish species. Different types of fish require different temperatures of water. There are many different species of fish for the aquarium soderjaniyu, but you need to carefully consider their choice and to ensure compatibility and that they need one with water chemistry.

The salt water aquarium

In aquariums with salt water is water, like water from coastal and oceanic regions.

Marine aquarium

Tropical marine aquarium – the most common type of aquariums in the UK. As tropical freshwater aquarium, this type requires a heater to maintain the temperature close to natural environment. Marine aquariums to be much more difficult and expensive due to the complexity of maintaining water chemistry and additional equipment required.

Brackish aquarium

Brackish aquarium recreates the environment of estuaries and other places, there is salt, but its content is lower than in sea water.

The number of calories in fish and seafood
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