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How to get rid of mosquitoes in garden pond

Know that mosquitoes love water. Most of all they love standing water, which turns into the swamp water where there is sufficient organic matter for the growth of their offspring. Female mosquitoes with pleasure lay their eggs in such water. Regardless of the type of mosquitoes, their development occurs in four phases: egg, larva, pupa and adult. It is clear that the larva of bloodsuckers future only grows in water that is suitable for its development.

Usually the female lays eggs in ditches, marshes, ponds, wet basements, sewers and other suitable water bodies. It is best for the development of mosquito larvae use lukewarm water with a high level of bacterial contamination caused by rotting organic waste. Best in 7-10 days from time of egg laying we can get a flying adult, ready for further reproduction and increase the population.

Large quantities of mosquitoes can become a serious problem, and some of their species are spreading dangerous diseases such as malaria and fever.

On the other hand mosquito larvae are great fish food. It is known that in the conditions of aquarium breeding fish to obtain a larger number of eggs, and successful spawning, for the future it is best to fertilize “hell” and bloodworms.

People often abandon any thoughts of building decorativegifts because of mosquitoes breeding in it. Do not worry, you can safely build a pond! Here are some simple tips that will save you from problems with mosquitoes:

– female mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water only. If the water in your pond is constantly moving, it will scare away the female mosquito from your pond;

– get a few small fish that are happy to eat delicious mosquito larvae. It can be small zolotusky, summer can be kept in a pond of guppies, some types Killy, which is known for its “gluttony”;

– you can use a special bacterial agents against mosquitoes. Unfortunately, these funds are not yet available in Ukraine and Russia, but perhaps in the near future someone will supply these products to us;

– create the pond in good conditions for attract frogs and dragonflies. They are the natural enemies of mosquitoes and effectively fight back.

One of the most effective ways of controlling mosquitoes are traps that run on propane. They successfully destroy mosquitoes, which miss the frogs and dragonflies.

The most important thing for successful ornamental ponds is to keep the pond clean. Then you no the mosquito is not terrible! And you can enjoy clean, refreshing water in your garden.

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