The Kaluga (Huso dauricus)
Kaluga – one of the largest freshwater fish along with its close relative the Beluga is the pride of Russia. It lives exclusively in the basin of the Amur river…

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Fish-pineapple or Australian kishechnik (Cleidopus gloriamaris)
Australian kishechnik has in common several names, and all of them are connected with the appearance of this marine life. The English call it fish-pineapple because of coloring and body…

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Sea Scorpion fish (Scorpaena porcus)
In the Black and Azov sea and the Kerch Strait, you can see an interesting fish called a sea-bristle brush or small Scorpion. It is interesting to observe, but it…

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Breeding fish in artificial reservoirs

How nice to go fishing on his own land! And it is quite possible, and easy. How to breed fish in the pond . Need to follow a few rules.

First, for breeding fish pond should have a depth of not less than 1.2 m, and even more so in the winter the water is not frozen completely. Under the ice the fish can die from lack of air, so be sure to make the hole. It is very important what made the walls and the bottom of the reservoir. At the bottom should be a layer of gravel and sand, and algae in the water.

The number of fish depends on the size of the reservoir. This quantity is easy to calculate. For one fish of average size need about 50 liters of water. Knowing the size of the pond, you can calculate its volume and divide by 50. So is determined by the number of animals that can be placed in the pond. Fish from the pet store should be placed in a package with water and put on the surface of the pond to the water temperature equalized. So the fish better adapt to the new environment. You cannot run in the river fish pond, to the river in a different microclimate. In addition, the fish could be sick, and get sick from it and others.

In summer, fish should be fed daily, and put food in the same place, and then feed the excess to remove. In summer, fish need less feed, and with the onset of cold weather more. It is better to buy food at the pet store. Since the water in this pond warms up quickly in the summer, the fish can breed very quickly, so it is necessary periodically to catch, and thereby control the population.

What types of fish are better suited for breeding? First, all the inhabitants of the pond have to live with each other. Secondly, for what purpose you want to breed fish? Or fishing, or simply for beauty.

Fishing is very suitable, the family of cyprinids (tench, crucian carp, perch) They are very unpretentious, multiply rapidly. In a small pond is enough space for several dozen fish. These fish are very voracious, but the food is unpretentious. Happy to eat worms, various larvae, insects, feed, steamed grain. If the pond is to place a few pieces of roach, the pond will not bloom. But gradually the balance is restored.

Of ornamental fish for ponds are suitable suburban minnows. It is a schooling fish, so need to buy a few copies. They are very beautiful in appearance, but require a lot of oxygen. So you should consider aeration of the water.

Very beautiful goldfish. They multiply rapidly, but they need a lot of water. In the winter it is better to take home.

Japanese carp (Koya) is very decorative, but it is demanding of the depth of the pond. It should be at least two meters and with lots of plants. These fish are very voracious.

Thus, to breed fish in a pond easy. You only need to constantly monitor the water condition for the fish population and its health.

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