Veterinary-sanitary examination of fish
In many countries a focus for freshwater and marine aquaculture is traditionally fish. In the balance of meat of our country's fish production is 25%, it is used in more…

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Breed fish in his pond
One friend threw up in my pond, although pradise trout. Now every week on berezhochke with a fishing rod sits. The family feeds, and even remains on sale. So I…

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Blue (blue) Marlin.
The habitat of the Blue Marlin - tropical waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific and in the Indian ocean in the vicinity of Ceylon, Mauritius and the East coast…

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Ten of the most bizarre fish in the world

Their unusual appearance sometimes brings a smile and surprise, and sometimes just shocked and terrified, so nervous and impressionable better the pictures look.

1. The Ambon Scorpion is difficult to confuse with other species of fish. It can be easily recognized by the unusual growths above the eyebrows. In addition, fish is able to perfectly camouflage themselves, changing color under the environment. Was opened in 1856 and is a well studied fish species. (Roger Steene/Conservation International)

2. Another exotic species of the deep sea — a psychedelic fish-frog. An unusual variegated colour, no scales, fancy curved body and unusual for the fish method of movement is jumping. Looking at this “miracle of nature” and do not understand who you’re before. (David Hall/EOL Rapid Response Team)

3. The master of underwater camouflage – the rag-picker, living in the depths of the Indian ocean. Whole body of small fish covered with spikes, simulating algae. (lecates/Flickr)

4. The body of the moon fish flat, as if compressed from both sides, and in shape resembles a disk. Today it is the largest representative of the class of bony fish. The average adult reaches a length of three meters and weighs about a ton and a half. (Franco Banfi)

5. In the depths of the Atlantic ocean in 1909 was found unattractive in appearance of flat-nosed Chimaera. So far this strange species with a jelly-like body to contane studied. (Jay Burnett, NOAA/NMFS/NEFSC)

6. Another little-studied fish the frilled shark. It is rare to find in the waters of the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. Externally, the shark looks more like an eel or a sea snake, but does it nor its nearest relatives. There are about a hundred species of sharks-pleasenote. (Awashima Marine Park/Getty Images)

7. Latimeria Indonesian long been considered extinct. Surprisingly, evolution is absolutely not touch these fish. Today they look like their ancestors millions of years ago. (Pearson – Benjamin Cummings)

8. Hairy monkfish few can look without a shudder. This strange and disgusting fish lives at depths greater than one kilometre in conditions of pitch darkness. Fish is a dangerous predator with extremely sharp and strong teeth. To attract prey uses a glowing growth on the forehead. In the diet of monkfish are often included other representatives of predatory fish at times large in terms of dimensions. (BBC)

9. The picture shows the fish-drop. Few believe in the real existence of this “sad” jelly fish. But the fact remains. (Kerryn Parkinson/Australian Museum)

10. The title of the most bizarre fish in the world for many years owned by the Smallmouth macropinna. This deep-sea fish with a completely transparent head. Eye macropinna rich green color and hidden under the casing of the head. What in the picture I fish very often mistaken for the eye, in fact nothing but the organs of smell. (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute)

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