Breed fish in his pond
One friend threw up in my pond, although pradise trout. Now every week on berezhochke with a fishing rod sits. The family feeds, and even remains on sale. So I…

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The Barracuda lives in tropical and subtropical seas of the World ocean. Juveniles prefer coastal waters, and more adult - deep water of the open sea. Upholstered in warm coastal…

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Fish-drop (Psychrolutes marcidus)
Fish-drop – not the most beautiful creature in the ocean. First sight very few people will say that this shapeless lump is fish because it has no usual scales, and…

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Most dangerous animals of the red sea

Sea urchins

They live in shallow water, so there is a good chance to step on it. The most dangerous type is considered Vadimony hedgehog hedgehog. Its needles are very long and thin. When injected into the human body they break down and cause inflammation, which in the untimely appeal to the doctor, can be life threatening.

Act as respiratory organs pileolus — another kind of sea urchin, which lives near the shore. It is red and dark gray. It needle a length of several centimeters. They are also very fragile, and if you step on a hedgehog, the needles remain in the body.

The most dangerous lionfish family Scorpaenidae. Them hard to miss in the water: they have very bright color, and their fins resemble feathers. They are very dangerous and for the people, and for other marine animals.

Contact with the impeller can cause death. It can be found near reefs. Therefore, swimming in these places, should be especially careful to try not to step on it and stay away from its poisonous needles. They cause intense pain, the venom can lead to respiratory arrest, and in place of injury appears a large tumor.

Sea snakes

Live at a depth of about five meters and is extremely dangerous. Off the coast of Egypt can see common snakes. They almost never a reason not to attack humans. The snake can bite, eslina her to come.

Basically, sharks are found in the region of the Sudan. Themselves rarely attack, unless provoked to it. To avoid a shark attack, you should not swim in dirty and muddy water, heavily waving his arms and legs, hit the surface of the water and to swim at night.

Moray is a danger, when her prey. If you shoot a harpoon gun at her hole, she will certainly rush to the attack.

You should be wary of small stingrays. Very dangerous electric Stingray, which is almost impossible to notice when bathing. It buries itself in the sand, and if it accidentally occur, you get electrocuted. The encounter might be fatal. Dwells as deeply in the sea and near the coast. Color is the color of sand.

The second type of Stingray — shock does not hit, but the back has a poisonous thorn. As electric ray, buries itself in the sand and will attack if disturbed.

To increase sales, Belarus diversifies the types of processing of pond fish
The fish farms of the Department of land reclamation and water economy of the Ministry of agriculture and food of Belarus have started harvesting feeding ponds and sell pond fish…


5 most popular recipe of baked fish
Fish cooked in the oven, is a real diet. It has less calories than the meat, but a lot of vitamins, essential fatty acids and trace elements. fillet of white…