The most unusual inhabitants of the ocean
Still the ocean remains the most poorly studied part of our planet. A lot of mystery and is fraught with interesting underwater world, is gradually opening to all researchers new…

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Predatory fish
The angler should remember that all predatory fish weighing more than 2 kg, in addition to acute, and sometimes impressive in size, fangs and spiny top fin (perch), stacked, bent…

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Ten of the most bizarre fish in the world
Their unusual appearance sometimes brings a smile and surprise, and sometimes just shocked and terrified, so nervous and impressionable better the pictures look. 1. The Ambon Scorpion is difficult to…

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Maintenance of ponds

Our firm provides a wide range of services not only on the content of fish in HOMESTEAD ponds, but also on the organization of paid fishing.

Conduct a rapid analysis of water water source on site.

Includes conducting water analysis, followed by recommendations regarding the possible content of those or other kinds of fish. Also, when receiving data on the hydrochemical status of the water body, our experts will offer options for improving hydrochemical status of the water body. Analysis on water, the help in time to avoid poisoning the fish with excess ammonia and Zamora. As in other matters, and other problems associated with water quality.

Ichthyopathological examination

Necessary event held immediately prior to stocking lake. Is held in place, if necessary, multiple instances of the fish are sent for diagnosis to the laboratory. The survey is conducted in ponds previously stocked, or low-value settlements, and weed fish. If the disease is detected, our specialists will offer the most effective treatment methods and drugs for treatment of fish. We also conduct ichthyopathological examination already stocking ponds. Conduct year-round monitoring of diseases.

Ocenkaomega composition of fish in the pond.

Is held in place. The purpose of the survey is qualitative improvement of the species, and, as a consequence, a more rational use of the reservoir. If necessary, our experts will suggest you to check the new types of fish that will complement the fish fauna in the pond.

The feed base of the reservoir, and the fatness of the fish, feeding rate.

Is held in place. The purpose of the survey is to identify deficiencies in feeding fish that affect both the behavior and health of the fish, its growth, and palatability. If there are any deficiencies in feeding, our experts will offer methods to improve the natural forage base, and not create its own forage base, suggest feeding high quality feed production, and feed themselves, which is always available.

All the offered surveys are conducted by a specialist directly on the waterfront. According to the results of the survey, is drawn on the survey and on the survey results, recommendations are provided.

Lionfish (lionfish) is a very powerful predatory fish of the family scorpaenidae. As beautiful as they are dangerous. Typically, the size of lionfish ranged from 20 to 40 cm, weight…


Pigmentation and iridescence. The protective scales of a goldfish forms the outer covering of the body called the epidermis. Under it is a layer known as the dermis and beneath…