Garden ponds and their inhabitants
It's possible to convert new or existing pond in a convenient place of habitation of representatives of living nature, using a few simple design elements. The materials bordering the pond,…

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The Barracuda lives in tropical and subtropical seas of the World ocean. Juveniles prefer coastal waters, and more adult - deep water of the open sea. Upholstered in warm coastal…

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Fringed angelfish (Apolemichthys arcuatus)
Fringed angel fish – small, 15 to 18 cm in length, sea dweller, which is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands and Johnston Atoll, located in the Central-Eastern Pacific. Mainly it…

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Sea Scorpion fish (Scorpaena porcus)

In the Black and Azov sea and the Kerch Strait, you can see an interesting fish called a sea-bristle brush or small Scorpion. It is interesting to observe, but it is not worth getting acquainted with it closely. This is one of the most hostile marine inmates, besides its spines located all over the body, quite poisonous.

This predator lives close to the bottom at a depth of 40 meters. Externally it can be mistaken for a rock, covered with various algae. Has a slightly flattened head with high-mounted big eyes. Painted fish in brownish-pink hues. Adult fish can grow up to 30 cm And increasing marine fish kind: it is, like snakes, discards its old skin to acquire a new one. Moreover, the better the conditions in which the fish lives, and the more food, the more these molting.

In addition to the waters of Black and Azov seas, small Scorpion found off the coast of Australia, southern New South Wales to Cape York and on the West coast of New Guinea. There were cases when these ruffs were caught in rivers with a steady flow. This means that they are equally transferred, as salt water seas and fresh water rivers.

Due to the fact that this fish is quite difficult to spot at the bottom, many of its victims literally are floating in her mouth. She even had someone to hunt down. Marine ruffs grab prey, making is characteristic for the bet sudden short throw, and swallow it. The Scorpion feeds on small fish and various crustaceans.

This fish is dangerous not only for fish and crayfish: not for nothing sea ruff got another name — a small Scorpion. The whole body of this fish is covered with sharp thorns and spines, but they do not even ruff threat. The fact that the bases of spines are the channels that carry deadly poison. Experienced fishermen know it, so before removing the ruff off the hook, stun him and cut off these dangerous thorns. If you do not, you can get the shot. It causes very noticeable pain and trapped in the wound mucus and inflammation. Particularly dangerous poison ruffs early in the spring: this time of year due to rising hormone levels, poison is the most toxic.

Their poisonous spines, this fish has not applied for hunting, using them for protection. Poisonous bodies are found in the spiny rays of the dorsal, anal and pelvic fins. All such rays is not less than 20 pieces. They are located at an angle of 45° towards the side of the aggressor. Paired venom glands are located at the base of each groove spines. When it pierces the body, the skin is pressed around and into the wound only penetrate the thorn and the poison gland. The upper part of the gland when this breaks, and the poison injected into the wound. After the injection the pain increases rapidly and can become unbearable. When multiple wounds of some victims have to be hospitalized, and there were cases with lethal outcome. Especially a lot of victims among the fishermen. Due to the fact that on the body brush a lot of spikes, they are easily entangled in the mesh. It is very difficult to untangle them without touching the thorns.

Sea perch is a danger that when accidentally disturbed, he would never think to leave. On the contrary, he raises the dorsal spines, and assumes a defensive stance, raising the body of the Crescent. Not having noticed it among the sea of rocks and seaweed, it’s simple to stumble.

Excavated from the water all fish spines protruding. Sometimes that little devil emits a fairly loud sounds similar to a growl. This marine fish is rather explicitly warns you that your bare hands wouldn’t take.

If the injection is received, the first thing is to make the wound bleed as much as possible — this will help bring the poison and will not allow him to penetrate further into the body. We must then treat the affected area with very hot water. Even if the pain after the injection is starting to go, need to immediately go to the nearest hospital. Because inside can get a poison sea perch, which, though not fatal, but quite unsafe for humans.

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