Veterinary-sanitary examination of fish
In many countries a focus for freshwater and marine aquaculture is traditionally fish. In the balance of meat of our country's fish production is 25%, it is used in more…

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Sharks in the Black sea — myths and reality
This question bothers many tourists are there sharks in the Black sea? Yes, sharks live in the Black sea. Scared? Don't worry, they are safe for humans and do not…

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The Kaluga (Huso dauricus)
Kaluga – one of the largest freshwater fish along with its close relative the Beluga is the pride of Russia. It lives exclusively in the basin of the Amur river…

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Garden pond. Clean and healthy water

Garden pond is a luxury. Water fascinates. Water is pure joy of life and the personification of relaxation. A pond in your garden is a symbol of vital force, courage and an oasis of tranquility and peace. There is nothing better than sitting on a beach, admiring the multicolored flying dragonflies and freshness of the pond lilies while the children put the stones on the water. Garden pond serves as a source of inspiration in everyday life.

In harmony with nature. The pond not only allows you to feel as the Creator of the amazing and beautiful world, but also contributes to the preservation of nature, giving shelter to various animals and plants.

Garden pond maintenance. Despite the fact that it has all of the same principles as in natural ponds, each pond as an artificial biotope, requires a regular care. Dennerle high quality products will help you to make your pond a harmonious and eco-friendly. In this article you will find information on the most important stages of care:

Algae – prevention and control of algae.

Water – optimization and stabilization of water parameters.

Pond plants – care and fertilizer.

And all in accordance with the Dennerle motto: to Know nature.

If algae begin to irritate.

Algae are a natural part of any pond, including the pond. As an important link pieveica, they are necessary for many inhabitants of the pond and produce vital oxygen. So the goal is not to completely rid the pond of algae, but to avoid excessive growth. A slight clouding of the water due to floating algae or some niccacci along the coast – it’s normal and biologically appropriate.

If algae becomes too much, the balance in the pond is disturbed. The reason for the endless “flowering” water is always an excess of food for algae. This occurs when the pond receives too much nutrients or too little nutrients deduced from it.

Prevention is better than cure

This ancient wisdom is about preserving human health applies equally to the pond. Proper care prevents the excessive growth of algae. Especially effective is the regular use of Dennerle Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex . This drug eliminates the primary nutrient for algae is phosphate.

Phosphat-Ex lowers the phosphate content in water to 0.03 mg/l and thus effectively prevents outbreaks of algae growth. Dennerle Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex is fighting not with symptoms but with the cause of algae!

Dennerle Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex

Tiger shark
Deep in the wilds of the deep sea is a hungry predator, the outfit is rather unremarkable, waiting for a new victim. It may be a turtle, sea gull unwary…


The most useful fish
Fish – this is the rare product that contains a huge amount of essential substances. It almost has no cholesterol, but contain vitamins and amino acids, so the one who…