Dangerous dwellers of the Mediterranean sea
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Breed fish in his pond
One friend threw up in my pond, although pradise trout. Now every week on berezhochke with a fishing rod sits. The family feeds, and even remains on sale. So I…

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Mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus)

Huge four meter shark is rapidly cuts the surface of the ocean, no other shark can match her in speed. Accelerates to 40 km /h and easily jumps out of the water like dolphins. And it weight almost half a ton! This grey-blue shark is very rarely seen off the coast, but when at least one shark swims to the shores, then immediately terrifies the people. Because on vampirism, it has no equal.

In 2003, the inhabitants of Albion were both surprised and frightened by the appearance of a single shark-Mako (and we’re talking just about this shark). After the appearance of wanting to swim in the waters of the North sea that washes the North-East of the UK, has become quite a bit. Mako shark another 3 months the terror of the inhabitants of this coast, and then sailed back out to sea. During this time, the victims of this ferocious predator was more than 15 people.

Mako shark takes the 4th place on the level of danger for man (after the great white, tiger shark and hammerhead). But Mako simply would have taken the leading place, just they are found in open waters, so meeting people is much less than with other sharks. But if someone happen to meet with shark-Mako, he’ll be able to make sure that it is the shark really terrible and dangerous.

Found Mako in the Pacific and Indian oceans. These sharks do not inhabit warm temperate and tropical waters. From other sharks it is distinguished a pointed snout and laterally flattened body. The back of her dark-blue, sides are dark gray, and the belly is white.

Food are cephalopods and various fish, sometimes very large. Inside one of the shark-the Mako that weighed 360 kg, were found eaten swordfish weighing 54 and 67 kg. There are known cases of shark attack-Mako on small marine mammals.

Mako shark can attack on the boats in the open sea. It is a great danger to fishermen.

From afar, to watch these predators very interesting, say rescuers. Swims quickly with a running start jumping out of the water, even sometimes walks on his tail like a Marlin. But God protect you from meeting with them in the open sea, which is the main place of their habitat. These Atlantic blue-grey sharks often exhibit strong aggression towards the person.

In 1967, near the island of Puerto Rico fisherman was attacked by a Mako shark from a distance of just one meter. The shark unexpectedly jumped out of the water and grabbed the man, dragged him off the water. Feature shark Mako that she is interested to any object in the water, trying to try it on the tooth, and if this is something alive, a shark that’s just eaten. After all sharks-the Mako and other sharks, extremely indiscriminate eating habits.

To protect yourself from sharks while at sea, it is very difficult, but there are some ways to protect against shark attacks. Being in the water:

Keep high vigilance against the sharks.
Keep the peace, protect the force.
Before you enter the water or to land (dock), look carefully.
Do not fish when sharks are nearby. At their approach, leave caught and held on the hook the fish in the water.
If you are in a boat, do not come to the edge once again, when surrounded by sharks.
Floating alone, stay away from schools of fish, because there may be a shark, which hunts them.
If a single shark threatens, approaching you, then:

Do vigorous rhythmic strokes, try to simulate the movement toward the shark, maybe she’ll get out of your way.
Do not swim across the direction of its movement.
In the vicinity of sharks “opening maps” — to stab her with a knife in the face, eyes, gills or belly.

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