Channel catfish
Channel catfish – fish family ictaluridae squad catfishes. The original range of this species included Northern Mexico, Central USA and South Canada, however later channel catfish were brought to Europe.…

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Predatory fish
The angler should remember that all predatory fish weighing more than 2 kg, in addition to acute, and sometimes impressive in size, fangs and spiny top fin (perch), stacked, bent…

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Sea Scorpion fish (Scorpaena porcus)
In the Black and Azov sea and the Kerch Strait, you can see an interesting fish called a sea-bristle brush or small Scorpion. It is interesting to observe, but it…

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Tiger shark

Deep in the wilds of the deep sea is a hungry predator, the outfit is rather unremarkable, waiting for a new victim. It may be a turtle, sea gull unwary or even people. Unlike other sharks, the voracious tiger shark with a huge jaw and attempt to eat anything she gets in the way. Bite even a wooden boat or iron sheets. Simple stripes similar to a tiger, shark provide a disguise, due to which it got its name. The more we learn about this bloodthirsty shark, the more formidable features it acquires in our eyes.

Among all the sharks the tiger shark is perhaps the most common. This is due to the fact that the female is rarely a single young. Litter tiger shark is usually large: broods of 30 to 50 baby sharks are fairly common. Lives shark in tropical and subtropical waters of all oceans. The tiger shark inhabits the open ocean and off the coast. Especially commonly found in the Caribbean sea and the Gulf of Mexico. In search of food, it may extend to a depth not exceeding several meters. It is very dangerous for swimmers.

On average, this shark reaches a length of 5 meters, although there are witnesses of the tiger shark, whose length was more than 9 meters. Moreover, the weight with a length of about 4 m. reaches 585 kg.

Tiger sharks are born completely striped. Young tiger sharks on the sides there are dark brown spots or stripes. With age, these “tiger” markings disappear. The body of the adult is gray or brown. The sides and belly are lighter.

The tiger shark is usually pretty slow, but becomes fast when you smell food. Being very voracious and indiscriminate eating habits, this shark eats crabs, lobsters, bivalves and gastropods, squid, variety of fish, sea turtles, the carapace of which it is easy raskazyvaet with his powerful teeth. In the stomachs of tiger sharks were also found sea snakes, pieces of dolphins and crocodiles. This species is very common and cannibalism. Tiger shark not squeamish, can eat garbage and carrion.

Everywhere the tiger shark is considered one of the most dangerous fish. In the West Indies tiger sharks are the most feared other marine animals that live there in large numbers. In Australia the majority of attacks on humans attributed to them.

We know many cases when in the stomachs of captured sharks found body parts of people who became their victims. Actually, tiger sharks attacks are very frequent, a lot of them off the coast of Florida, Caribbean Islands, Senegal, Australia, New Guinea, the Islands of Samoa.

So, in 2000 the authorities of the island of Maui and were forced to close the beach because of the appearance in the area of giant tiger shark. The rescuer who met her at a depth of about 80 meters, noted that it was at least 7 meters in length. This shark has killed in 2 years for 7 people and injured another 12.

If tiger shark attacks, ways to save very little. But to reduce the risk of attacks by tiger sharks, the head of the rescue Committee of the Central beach “Kanaha” Russell Spark advises:

If in the open sea you meet the remains of any animal, know that somewhere nearby must be a tiger shark. The recent emergence of large tiger sharks were seen in a time when the waters of the beach drifted the dead body of the whale. To reduce the risk of shark teeth stay away from dead animals floating in the ocean.
It is recommended to avoid evening and morning trips to the ocean, as it is these periods of time the sharks are particularly active and can come close to the shore in search of food.
It is not recommended to go to the ocean with open wounds as sharks can dissolved in water, a drop of blood within a radius of several hundred meters.

Length 5 meters
Weight: about 585 kg.
Habitat: tropical and subtropical waters of all oceans.
Can go to a depth. Voracious and indiscriminate eating habits.

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