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Great Barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda)
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Moray is not very attractive. With it does not want to communicate, not even knowing about its danger. Their skin is naked, without scales. Head with small eyes and a huge mouth, no pectoral and pelvic fins — all this only reinforces the similarity of these fish to snakes.

Moray eels are elongated and very sharp teeth. It used to be that they are poisonous, like the teeth of serpents, but now it is proved that it is not. A thick layer of mucus protects the skin from mechanical damage, bacteria and parasites. Some eels are poisonous mucus: from contact with her person on the skin to prevent burns.

Color them camouflage, to match their surrounding environment. Even the inner side of the mouth they painted also. After all, almost all the time morays hold her mouth open.

This fish is quite large, reaches 2.4 meters, and weighs up to 45 kg. Meet and most babies who do not grow more than 10 cm Although they are equipped with sharp teeth.

There are about 100 species of Moray eels. Most of them live in tropical and subtropical seas. Sometimes found in European waters. In the Red sea Moray represented genera Echidna and Gymnothorax. The Vipers are snejinka Moray and Moray eel-Zebra, and Gymnothorax is the geometric Moray eel, starry, belopyatnisty and elegant. The largest of these, starry Moray eel, its average length is 180 cm.

The Mediterranean Moray inhabits the Mediterranean a length of five feet. She was the heroine of the eerie legends of antiquity.

Moray eels are nocturnal animals. In the afternoon sit in the crevices of rocks and coral, and at night the hunt begins. Victims morays become more small fish, crabs, cephalopods maluski, and octopus. There are species specialized in sea urchins — you can recognize it by the shape of teeth adapted for cracking shells. View Moray eels, grabbing the prey, very unpleasant. It rips apart its prey long teeth into small pieces. In a matter of seconds from a poor little fish, Moray eel that is caught, there is nothing left. Hunting for octopus, Moray first pounds him into the first crevice. On Muren should only be put in the cleft of the head. Enough octopus for tentacles and rips it. And so, while the octopus will be eaten without a trace.

His victim, the Moray eel feels at a distance by smell. The vision they have almost not developed, because after all Moray eels are nocturnal animals.

Dangerous snake for humans? Of course! But only in the case when a person provokes her. A person who has been the victim of an attack morays, often at fault — he puts his hand or foot in a crevice where a Moray eel was hiding, or chasing her.

In 1948 I. Brock, who later became Director of the Hawaiian Institute of marine biology at the University of Hawaii and swam with scuba gear near Johnston island in the Pacific ocean; depth in the area is about 6 meters. Before diving into the water the doctor threw a grenade — it was part of the research programme, which Brock did. Seeing water in a large Moray, and thinking that she was killed by a grenade, Dr. Brock teased her with a sharp stick. However, the Moray eel, the length of which was 2.4 m, was not dead: she ran straight at the doctor and grabbed him at the elbow. Has been said about what the teeth of Moray eels. It is, attacking the person who inflicts a wound that looks like a bite mark barracudas. But unlike the Barracuda, the Moray eel is not immediately swims away, and hangs on his victim, like a bulldog. The doctor managed to rise to the surface and to reach nearby waiting boat. However, surgeons have long to mess around with this injury, as it was very heavy. Brock almost lost the whole hand.

In addition, it was found that Moray eels can be specially taught to attack the person. In history there have been cases where these fish for months prepared for the unusual role of man — holding hand to mouth, teasing and specially accustomed to the smell of blood. And, indeed, the eels began to hunt people. However, cases with tame eels have not happened.

Ordinary seeing the Moray, it is not necessary to disturb this little fish, closer to its home and certainly can put your hand in the hole. Fans of sea hunt with a harpoon gun, too, should not shoot in burrows and crevices only out of fear that there might be a Moray eel. If they’re Moray, in which case she attacks you. Finally remember, untamed Moray only in exceptional cases attack the enemy, superior to her in size. Therefore, if you don’t provoke her, she will not touch you and leave myself.

Length: up to 2.4 m
Weight: 45 kg
Habitat: waters of the Pacific ocean
Has extra long and sharp teeth. Some eels are poisonous mucus.

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