Marine life of the Philippine Islands
Deep water South of the island of Bohol is rich in fish and hide another treasure is one of the best places in the world for whale watching and Dolphin…

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Breeding fish in artificial reservoirs
How nice to go fishing on his own land! And it is quite possible, and easy. How to breed fish in the pond . Need to follow a few rules.…

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Pigmentation and iridescence. The protective scales of a goldfish forms the outer covering of the body called the epidermis. Under it is a layer known as the dermis and beneath…

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Veterinary-sanitary examination of fish

In many countries a focus for freshwater and marine aquaculture is traditionally fish. In the balance of meat of our country’s fish production is 25%, it is used in more than 50 industries.

Production of food fish products has high economic efficiency. So, 70 million tonnes of fish, invertebrates and other water bodies (excluding whales) in protein content is equivalent to a herd of 400 million heads of cattle. The costs for producing 1 kg of fish protein is almost 3 times lower than the costs associated with obtaining 1 kg of meat protein products.

In addition to food production, the fishing industry provides raw materials for medical industry (fat, vitamins, medicines), food products (flour, minced fish, forage fish), fertilizer, leather, fur, ambergris, etc.

Feature fish as industrial raw materials

All commercial species of fish can be divided into marine, freshwater, catadromous, who spend most of their time in the mouth areas of the sea or in brackish seas and lakes for spawning in the lower reaches of rivers (some whitefish, roach, bream, etc.), and anadromous spawning migration from rivers into seas (mackerel, sturgeon, salmon) or from rivers to the sea (river eel, tropical catfish species).

To a purely marine fish, never entering fresh water, most are cod, flounder, mullet, mackerel, etc. Strictly same the majority are freshwater cyprinid fish, trout, pike.

For the correct use and fish processing it is necessary to know its properties, for example:

Density – the ratio of the mass of fish to volume. I live and svezhesmoloty fish with a swim bladder neopack specific density close to 1, which enables its transport to the fish-processing enterprises hydroglobe in the water flow. Whole fish and parts of her body have a density greater than 1, therefore, drowns in water. With the increase in the size of the fish decreases its density.

Total marketable weight of the fish is the ratio of the mass of individual body parts and organs, expressed as a percentage by weight of the whole fish. Knowledge of this parameter it is necessary because not all parts of the body of the fish is edible. The most important indicator in determining the total marketable weight of the fish is the edible portion fillet.

Great Barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda)
The great Barracuda is one of the most dangerous marine predators that live in tropical waters of Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This is a fish that reaches 2 meters…


Maintenance of ponds
Our firm provides a wide range of services not only on the content of fish in HOMESTEAD ponds, but also on the organization of paid fishing. Conduct a rapid analysis…