The world of fish
The oldest living fish — latimeria Coelacanth, or latimeria, is the only representative of the lobe-finned fishes. She was believed to have become extinct about 70 million years ago. The…

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Garden pond. Clean and healthy water
Garden pond is a luxury. Water fascinates. Water is pure joy of life and the personification of relaxation. A pond in your garden is a symbol of vital force, courage…

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Pigmentation and iridescence. The protective scales of a goldfish forms the outer covering of the body called the epidermis. Under it is a layer known as the dermis and beneath…

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Sharks in the Black sea — myths and reality

This question bothers many tourists are there sharks in the Black sea?

Yes, sharks live in the Black sea. Scared? Don’t worry, they are safe for humans and do not show us any interest. Most often occurs in the Black sea shark Katran, as well as Cat. The second one actually lives in nearby seas, but can swim into the Black by mistake.

Sharks of the Black sea — description

Katran refers to a type of small prickly sharks. She has a long, streamlined body shape, which for fish of this species is fairly standard. Teeth unimodal, it is the same at both the top and bottom.

Adult fish weighs up to twelve kilograms, and the duration of the life of this black sea sharks is 25 years. Sharks live in packs, although they live in coastal waters, but prefer to live at the bottom. They can be found at a depth of about 200 meters. Spiny dogfish eats fish. No threat to human swimmers, the shark is not. By the way, the meat of this shark is very tasty. Especially prized fins. Continue reading

The most useful fish

Fish – this is the rare product that contains a huge amount of essential substances. It almost has no cholesterol, but contain vitamins and amino acids, so the one who tries to live a healthy lifestyle, eat right, be sure to include fish and other seafood in your daily diet.

What types of fish are the most useful

Everyone knows that fish are divided into sea and river types, it all depends on where is home these representatives.

Marine fish

Of the ten most useful to the human body products of marine fish is in second place. If every day to eat, you can be sure that no abnormalities in the cardiovascular system, you are not afraid. Saltwater fish contains vitamins a, D and E, and polyunsaturated acids, which significantly improves the condition of skin, nails and hair, so this product really like women. Continue reading

Aquarium fish: how to breed?
An aquarium with fish is always very beautiful and soothing sight. Such a small piece of the natural world the people today want to have both at home and in…


White sea catfish
white sea catfish baltasis Maritime šamas statusas T sritis zoologija | vardynas taksono rangas rūšis atitikmenys . lot. Sciadeichthys albicans rus. white sea catfish ryšiai . platesnis terminas – baltieji…