5 most popular recipe of baked fish
Fish cooked in the oven, is a real diet. It has less calories than the meat, but a lot of vitamins, essential fatty acids and trace elements. fillet of white…

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Fringed angelfish (Apolemichthys arcuatus)
Fringed angel fish – small, 15 to 18 cm in length, sea dweller, which is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands and Johnston Atoll, located in the Central-Eastern Pacific. Mainly it…

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Mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus)
Huge four meter shark is rapidly cuts the surface of the ocean, no other shark can match her in speed. Accelerates to 40 km /h and easily jumps out of…

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Ten of the most bizarre fish in the world

Their unusual appearance sometimes brings a smile and surprise, and sometimes just shocked and terrified, so nervous and impressionable better the pictures look.

1. The Ambon Scorpion is difficult to confuse with other species of fish. It can be easily recognized by the unusual growths above the eyebrows. In addition, fish is able to perfectly camouflage themselves, changing color under the environment. Was opened in 1856 and is a well studied fish species. (Roger Steene/Conservation International)

2. Another exotic species of the deep sea — a psychedelic fish-frog. An unusual variegated colour, no scales, fancy curved body and unusual for the fish method of movement is jumping. Looking at this “miracle of nature” and do not understand who you’re before. (David Hall/EOL Rapid Response Team)

3. The master of underwater camouflage – the rag-picker, living in the depths of the Indian ocean. Whole body of small fish covered with spikes, simulating algae. (lecates/Flickr) Continue reading

How to get rid of mosquitoes in garden pond

Know that mosquitoes love water. Most of all they love standing water, which turns into the swamp water where there is sufficient organic matter for the growth of their offspring. Female mosquitoes with pleasure lay their eggs in such water. Regardless of the type of mosquitoes, their development occurs in four phases: egg, larva, pupa and adult. It is clear that the larva of bloodsuckers future only grows in water that is suitable for its development.

Usually the female lays eggs in ditches, marshes, ponds, wet basements, sewers and other suitable water bodies. It is best for the development of mosquito larvae use lukewarm water with a high level of bacterial contamination caused by rotting organic waste. Best in 7-10 days from time of egg laying we can get a flying adult, ready for further reproduction and increase the population.

Large quantities of mosquitoes can become a serious problem, and some of their species are spreading dangerous diseases such as malaria and fever.

On the other hand mosquito larvae are great fish food. It is known that in the conditions of aquarium breeding fish to obtain a larger number of eggs, and successful spawning, for the future it is best to fertilize “hell” and bloodworms. Continue reading

Freshwater, Tropical and Marine aquariums

This article describes the main types of aquariums and provides brief explanations of differences between freshwater and marine systems that will allow you to choose the most appropriate budget and skills of the aquarium.

Freshwater aquariums

As the name implies, freshwater aquarium – fresh water, as in most rivers and lakes in the world. Coldwater and tropical aquariums – two most frequently purchased in the UK species of freshwater aquariums.

Cold-water aquarium

As a rule, in cold-water aquarium heater is not necessary. The water temperature in the tank will be close to ambient. If the temperature in the room changes frequently, you will need a heater to compensate for temperature changes. To cold-water fish are cardinals, and various types of goldfish. Often cold-water aquariums are recommended for beginners and aquarists with a small budget, but it should be noted that goldfish need an aquarium considerably larger than for tropical species. Continue reading

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Veterinary-sanitary examination of fish
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